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For new accounts there is a deposit of $100.00 plus a one-time $21.00 new account fee that will be on your first bill. Single family residence rates are $19.28 for the monthly Facility charge and usage is calculated @ $3.36 per thousand gallons for usage under 2,000 gallons. For usage over 2,000 gallons the rate is $ 5.04 per thousand gallons. Meters are read monthly near the 5th and bills are mailed out near the 15th.  The due date is usually the 10th of the following month.  The due date will be on each bill.

If your bill is not paid by the due date a late fee of $ 10.00 will be added to the delinquent bill. If payment is not received by the 20th, service will be discontinued and a reconnect fee will be paid in addition to the past due amount to resume service. The reconnect fee is $ 50.00 and the reconnect will only be done during normal working hours.  Please note that all metered usage will be billed so you are responsible for all plumbing on your side of the meter.

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