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Official House Number Form
1000 Cecil G Costin Sr Blvd Bldg. 500
Port St Joe, Fl 32456



Please use the following form to request a New Address and Verification.

Parcel Number:         Example: 99999-999R

Street Name:


Has this Parcel ever had a building with or without an address on it before today?  Yes     No

      If yes, what is/was the address?

Type of Structure to be build or brought in: (Check all that apply)

Commercial                   RV                             Utility

Single Family                Mobile Home             Service Upgrade

Other                              Please Explain

Name of Property Owner:

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Name of Person requesting information if different than above:

Phone Number:      Other helpful info:

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After completing the above information please follow the steps below.

A) Take completed form back to the Building Department or email it to to start the permitting process.

B) *MOST IMPORTANTLY!After receiving your address, PLEASE display it on the construction site and/or house when completed where it will be easily seen from the road.

***Below is for Official Use Only***

Structure Type Being Addressed

Address:          Map #

Approved By    Date


Disclaimer- If Gulf County E-911 finds any information supplied to be incorrect or has changed, this address could become void and a new one will be issued so it meets the Enhanced 911 rules and regulations.