FEMA is Hiring!

Fulltime, temporary, local positions in Gulf County and the surrounding areas.

  • Local Hire (Public Assistance Operations Support Specialist); this position will perform recovery support activities for staff at FEMA headquarters and regional offices, as well as emergency management partners engaged in supporting disaster recovery.


  • Local Hire (Engineering and Architect Specialist); this position will advise and guide on engineering and architectural concepts and practices by reviewing and interpreting plans, blueprints, site layouts, specifications, and construction methods.


  • Local Hire (Public Assistance Program Delivery Manager); this position will facilitate the delivery of public assistance grant funding on behalf of applicants, lead and serve as the primary point of contact for the applicant.


  • Local Hire (Site Inspector Specialist); this position will conduct site inspections to support the objective of capturing an applicant’s claimed disaster-related damages.


Resumes accepted daily between 8am and 7pm at the disaster recovery center located next to the Gulf County Public Library. 

For a full description of duties and requirements, go to www.usajobs.gov.